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Tonic 1 – Hope in Health Frankincense Water – £64.99

One month supply for £64.99 inc P&P.

HIH Frankincense Tonic Water is made from distilled water and certificated ingestible Hojari Frankincense Resin from the Dhofar Mountains in Oman. Our clients report that drinking this powerful pick-me-up provides them with a range of profound health benefits.

Those three wise men? They knew what they were doing. Frankincense is an extremely sacred resin that has been used by some of the most elite people in history. In fact, as far back as 5000 B.C the Sumhurams were making use of its magic. In more recent times, scientific studies and clinical trials have proven the remarkably positive effects that frankincense has on body and mind.

This sticky ‘teardrop’ resin can reduce inflammation, clear sinuses, aid COPD and asthma symptoms, reduce menstrual and arthritis pain, purify red and white blood cells as well as helping clear depression, anxiety and stress.

On an even deeper cellular level, Frankincense helps repair damaged telomeres (the caps that protect the tips of chromosomes when cells divide). When damaged through old age, illness, disease or extreme stress, telomeres become shorter, weaker and frayed – a bit like when shoelace ends lose their plastic coating.

Frankincense Tonic Water slows down the ageing process by helping to protect – and even repair – our telomeres.

Hope in Health’s top 10 ways that frankincense can help repair, regenerate, recuperate and reinvent your mind, body and soul:

1. As a natural antiseptic: use it internally or dab it on topically to burns, cuts, bruises, irritated skin and scars to speed up healing.

2. As an effective anti-inflammatory. If you suffer from arthritic pain or mobility issues, use it in a carrier oil as a muscle rub, soak in a frankincense bath or drink it as a tonic.

3. As a powerful antibacterial agent. Ingesting it via a tonic can even help purify red and white blood cells.

4. It has anti-ageing properties – dab on the essential oil or one of our all-natural skincare products to replenish, renew and help regenerate tired-looking skin. You can check out our range here.

5. As an auto-stimulant. Frankincense reduces inflammation, which helps balance the immune system and keeps bugs at bay.

6. Frankincense activates our telomeres, effectively slowing down the aging process.

7. Frankincense can help fight arteriosclerosis, which leads to heart disease and coronary blockages.

8. Frankincense enhances your mental faculties. Prepare for sharper focus, concentration and mental clarity.

9. Using frankincense in a massage oil, in a diffuser or drinking it as a tonic can help relieve symptoms of depression and anxiety.

10. And last but not least, frankincense acts as a natural aphrodisiac.

Directions for use:
● On the day of purchase, before drinking. Shake well and allow to settle. Pour 200ml glass
● When bottle is empty refill with distilled water or any good quality mineral water like: Fiji, Volvic or Evian
● Leave the contents for 24 hours to allow the oils to release naturally from the sap.
● After 24 hours, shake the bottle and drink 200ml a day to relieve tiredness and fatigue.

The figures:

I gram makes 1 litre of Frankincense Tonic Water
1 litre = 5 x 200ml glasses

Click HERE for a BBC report.

The Water of Life Hydrogen Jug

£180 inc P&P

Did you know that drinking Alkaline Water is healthier than tap or bottled water? There’s no shortage of water on earth, its over 75% water. But 100% clean water is scarce and worse still, ionised alkaline water is rare.

If you find out what’s in your tap or bottled water, you’ll probably be shocked. Because of the metals, chemicals and pharmaceutical wastewater amongst other things. Water has been robbed of its health and. “regular water” as we’ve come to know it no longer promotes good health as it should.

This is because hydrogen water is charged with negative ions which are antioxidant, the hydrogen can pass into cells and re-hydrate them which in turn is higher in oxygen to invigorate body cells, helps detox your system and balance your body’s PH, and helps the immune systems, fight against free radical cells.

But there’s hope with hydrogen alkaline water and here are some of the benefits and why water is so important to us.

Makes antioxidants, helps remove free radicals, bacteria and pathogens. Neutralises 99.9% of fluoride and Chlorine.

Hydrogen alkaline water, helps increase energy levels, builds the immune system, helps slow down the ageing process and reduces oxidisation.

This is basically a measure of the molecular charge that shows the level at which a food and drink has the ability to oxidize or to reduce oxidation in your body. So in essence, it determines what’s an oxidant or an antioxidant.

In scientific terms, ORP is measured in mV (millivolts). A positive ORP charge ( +mV) indicates that the substance is an oxidant. The higher the positive charge the stronger the oxidant. Think of oxidant and oxidisation as rust on a metal or decay in foods, like the browning of a cut apple. Oxidisation is a natural process that happens to everyone. As you age, your body tissues suffer from oxidative stress due to the process of oxidisation. Oxidisation occurs when molecules within your body lose electrons to electricity – charged molecules of oxygen in your blood stream. These electrically charged oxygen molecules are called free radicals and they have the potential to cause damage to cellular DNA. Over time, the damage can become irreversible and lead to disease.

A NEGATIVE ORP (-mV) indicates the ability to donate electrons: the higher the negative charge, the greater the ability to provide electrons. At this level, a food or drink can be an antioxidant, which is healthier for your body.

How it all works.

Hydrogen is released through an electrolysis process (A direct electrical current) sprouting the hydrogen from bonded oxygen.

Free radicals in your body are oxidants and their ability to oxidise cells is eliminated or reduced by the addition of electrons from foods or drinks with a negative ORP. Again, substances with a high negative ORP are anti-oxidants.

Here are just a few of the many important roles water plays in the functions of the body.

Your Brain is 85% Water. When not properly hydrated your brain starts to feel the effect, with headaches, poor concentration and reduced short term memory. This is due to the fact that dehydration causes the level of energy production in the brain to decrease. Studies have shown that a person’s ability to concentrate progressively declines when the body is subject to a water deficiency of just 1%.

Your Liver – 73% Water. Its function is to convert your body fat into energy it can use. But the liver is forced to help in the work of the kidneys due to insufficient water consumption. The body will accumulate extra fat that would have been burned if there had been adequate water intake.

Your skin – 70% Water. We lose a percentage of our body’s water everyday by evaporating through the skin. Things like climate control heating, air conditioning and even simple things like soap can damage the protective outer layer of the skin, losing its ability to hold moisture. When you aren’t drinking enough to compensate the body water loss, you may notice your skin feeling dry.

Your Heart 77% Water. Clinical Studies have shown that adequate hydration may improve how your heart works and reduce your risk of developing heart disease.

Your Lungs 85% Water. In order to take the oxygen and eliminate carbon dioxide, our lungs must be continually moistened with water. The average person loses between half to one litre of water per day just by breathing. When the body is dehydrated it tries to prevent respiratory water loss by producing histamines which close off the capillaries in the lungs. This reduces water loss but makes breathing more difficult.

Your Kidneys 80% Water. Their function is to remove waste products from the body. When there is not enough water these waste products are not removed effectively which can cause damage to the kidneys. The National Kidney Research Foundation recommends that drinking two litres of water a day can reduce the risk of kidney stones.

Your Bones 22% Water. Which is necessary to ensure the smooth movement of bone joints. The cartilaginous tissue at the end of the bones retains water to lubricate the movements of your joints. When well hydrated the two opposing surfaces slide smoothly: if the cartilage is dehydrated, the damage from friction increases, causing dehydration of the joints and leading to pain, such as arthritis.

Including P&P UK + VAT inclusive Term and Conditions Apply

Individual Purchases £170 + £10 P&P




Tonic 2 – Ancient Purity Fulvic Acid (Liquid) – £29.99

Containing 86 minerals – Read more details below.

Contains rare earths, trace minerals, amino acids, phytonutrients, and countless other elements that gave the original life forms their power. Fulvic Minerals are the ultimate product to remedy a world where natural good health is commonly compromised. Fulvic Acid is the most complex compound known to man. A healthy body requires minerals and many people notice the difference Fulvic makes in days. Designed by nature not by a chemist.

Ancient Purity pioneers in Fulvic Acid Minerals
We’ve seen outstanding results over the years with fulvic, it has been our best seller and is in our opinion the most important natural health supplement. After 2 years of research our lab has discovered a new extraction technique, which is exclusive to us. This new method has allowed us to achieve almost double the content of fulvic Minerals in the liquid unmatched in the industry. The new method allows us to first extract the mineral content along with some fulvic acid. Then add back into the extraction additional fulvic Acid which by the new process we isolate from the raw source material – this creates a product that is far more stable and will not come out of solution when placed in water. It also increases the fulvic Acid to levels up to 18%, it also causes the product to become very dark and concentrated with fulvic acid. It has the exact same mineral profile just much higher fulvic Acid content, it is also solely water extracted. Through our research and surveys with customers on fulvic we have decided also to now say you can take 7-15 drops. Remember if you want your fulvic to last longer 7 drops will still give you all you need.

Feeds the body the minerals missing in modern soil and foods
Stimulates and balances cells, creating optimum growth and replication conditions
May increases energy levels
The ultimate detoxifier
Intensifies the metabolism of proteins, RNA, and DNA
Boosts concentration and mental clarity
Fulvic Acids act as specific cell sensitising agents and enhance the permeability of the cell membrane
Magnifies the effect of herbal teas and tinctures
Helps repair, regenerate and restore cells (including skin and nails)
Can maintains optimum alkalinity (pH) levels
Enhances availability of nutrients, making them more readily absorbable
Increases the activity of several enzymes including alkaline phosphates, transaminase and invertase
One of the finest natural electrolytes known to man
Helps balance hormones along with the thyroid and thymus glands
May give a sense of well-being and a feeling of comfort in the body

Fulvic acid has been discovered to be one of the most important natural miracles related to life itself. It is an acid created in extremely small amounts by the action of millions of beneficial microbes, working on decaying plant matter in a soil environment with adequate oxygen. Fulvic acid is part of the humic structure in rich composting soil. Fulvic acids contain a vast amount of naturally occurring bio-chemicals, supercharged antioxidants, free-radical scavengers, super oxide dismutases (“SOD”), nutrients, enzymes, hormones, amino acids, natural antibiotics, natural antivirals, and natural fungicides. It is of low molecular weight and is biologically very active. Because of its low molecular weight, it has the necessity and ability to readily bond minerals and elements into its molecular structure causing them to dissolve and become mobilised fulvic complexes. Fulvic acid from humic (or humate) deposits usually carries 60 or more minerals and trace elements dissolved into its molecular complexes. These are then in ideal natural form to be absorbed and interact with living cells. Plants roots and cells readily absorb high amounts of fulvic acid, and maintain it in their structure. In fact it has been discovered that these fulvic acid complexes are absolutely essential for plants to be healthy. Fulvic acid is still not well known or understood by most of the scientific or medical community.

Fulvic acids have not been able to be synthesised by chemists, and are unable to be clearly defined because of their extremely complex nature. This perplexity warrants little opportunity for science or medicine to exploit fulvic acid, or profit from new patents. Accumulating claims of encouraging health benefits by the public have been simply remarkable. Many of these health assertions have also shown that they could be disease preventative in nature and dramatically increase longevity. This demonstrates that fulvic acid could potentially pose a substantial long range threat to the future of pharmaceutical companies, medical doctors, and health professionals. It is good news for the public and the alternative health industry. Yet until now, fulvic acid has been entirely overlooked or misunderstood by the majority of alternative health concerns as well. However, it has been extensively proven in China and India for many years. Learning about fulvic and using it as part of your health regime is in our opinion the most powerful and effective choice in natural health.

Fulvic Minerals reaches the cells
Fulvic Acid can balance and energise cell life. Its biological properties work upon contact and with the very first application it begins a healing and restorative process. Acting as a free radical “scavenger”, fulvic Acid supplies vital electrolytes, enhances and transports nutrients, catalyses enzyme reactions, increases assimilation, stimulates metabolism, and chelates and changes inorganic minerals into organically complex minerals. It modifies the damage of toxic compounds such as heavy metals and free radicals and it increases the permeability for digestive, circulatory and cell membranes.

Salts of the Earth – Celtic Sea Salt – 500g – £10.00

The minerals and trace elements in Celtic Sea Salt are calcium, iron, magnesium, manganese, potassium, zinc and iodine.

“The trace elements are found in the earth’s crust and it is these that give the vital greyish colour,” says Regenerative Nutrition. 

“The slight moisture reflects the ability of the crystals to retain the salts and minerals in a form that the body can assimilate.”
Scientific analysis shows that Celtic Sea Salt contains at least 75 minerals such as Sodium, Potassium, Sulphur, Calcium, Iron, Phosphorus, Iodine, Magnesium, Zinc, Copper, Manganese, Chloride, Silicon and more. Real salt is perhaps the most important thing that the body needs to stay balanced on a cellular level. It is an exceptional product as it is naturally extracted by the use of sunshine. Its properties re-create the amazing powers of the ocean and it bears an astonishing likeness to human blood and body fluids. 

Rich in minerals and trace elements such as calcium, iron, magnesium, manganese, potassium, zinc and iodine.
Contains minerals that guard against muscle cramps.
Delicious on food or to cook with.
A major component of your blood plasma, lymphatic fluid, extracellular fluid, and even amniotic fluid.
Carrying nutrients into and out of your cells.
Maintain and regulate blood pressure.
Glial cells in your brain, which are responsible for creative thinking and long-term planning.
Helps your brain communicate with your muscles, so that you can move on demand via sodium-potassium ion exchange.

Ancient Purity Bee Pollen – 500g Pure Polyfloral – £22.00

Bee pollen is one of nature’s healthiest and most powerful superfoods. It’s been used as a dietary supplement for thousands of years.

The early Egyptian and Chinese civilisations both used it as a physical rejuvenator and medicine. The Greek physician Hippocrates, recognised as the father of modern medicine, used Bee Pollen as a healing substance over 2,500 years ago. 

Today natural health practitioners often refer to Bee Pollen as a herbal fountain of youth. It may be nature’s most perfect food. One thing is certain: people who consume high-quality Bee Pollen almost always experience an increase zest, and good feelings. This is precisely why thousands of world-class athletes supplement their diets with this natural substance.

Bee pollen contains an incredible array of vitamins, minerals, amino acids (all twenty- two essential), enzymes, co-enzymes, and hormones. It is especially rich in B vitamins and antioxidants, including lycopene, selenium, beta carotene, vitamin C, vitamin E, and several flavonoids. It is composed of 55% carbohydrates, 35% protein, 3% vitamins and minerals, 2% fatty acids, and 5% other substances. Overall, it’s one of the most nutritionally complete natural substances found on earth. When you first start taking bee pollen you may feel a significant increase in your energy right away, definitely within a week or so. 

Bee Pollen aids in digestion allowing the body to absorb the healing qualities of the other supplements and medications you are taking much faster, it also helps by destroying harmful intestinal bacteria which can be the cause of many horrible infections. Further benefits of Bee Pollen in the stomach especially to someone looking to lose weight, is that it reduces cravings so you eat less, yet still feel satisfied, experiments have shown that people who take bee pollen decrease their daily intake of food by fifteen to twenty percent. Bee Pollen will also give you increased energy levels so you’ll want to get up and exercise rather than lounge around. Bee pollen helps decrease the level of LDL cholesterol in your body, high levels of LDL cholesterol put you at greater risk of a heart attack from a sudden blood clot in an artery narrowed by atherosclerosis, many people have also experienced a decrease in high blood pressure numbers as well. 

The anti-ageing benefits of Bee Pollen stem from the presence of antioxidants, antioxidants help slow the ageing process by repairing damaged cells, and generating the growth of new cells, this can lead to clearer firmer looking skin. Athletes take Bee Pollen as it increases strength, energy, speed and endurance, it also provides a quicker recovery from exercise by returning the heart rate to normal. Bee Pollen increases muscle growth and definition, in fact the British sports council found an increase in strength by as much as 40 – 50% in athletes regularly taking bee pollen.

Bee pollen provides marvellous benefits to both the nervous and immune systems of the body, it strengthens the immune system allowing it to fight off foreign invaders such as diseases and infections, it helps the nervous system by protecting nerves and aiding in the function of the entire system It’s the dust-sized seed found on the stamen of all flower blossoms.

Ancient Purity Hulled Hemp Seed – 500g – £15.99

The production of hemp is possibly one of the oldest industry in the world, dating back more than ten thousand years.

The Colombia history of the world records that the oldest relic of human industry is a piece of hemp fabric from around 8000 BC. Hemp is considered to be one of the most nutritious food sources in the world by leading researchers and medical doctors, due to the side effects of eating animal products such as high cholesterol, saturated fat and weight gain has led to many people turning away from there use, this leads to a problem though of how to get protein in the diet, which is where hemp seed comes in as it is one of the best sources of plant protein and fat you can find. 

This won’t help correct your omega balance if it’s off, but it gives you the right balance to start with. The protein content of the hemp seed is supposed to be very digestible. Many people noted their personal experience of finding that hemp seed protein did not cause bloating or gas, like some of their whey, or other protein shakes did. 

Hemp seed is also an amazing source of monounsaturated omega 9 fatty acids considered a quality beauty oil and a healthy energy source, it’s also a good source of lecithin which supports the liver and builds the brain, lecithin is found in every living cell as a major component of cell membranes.

Eating hemp seeds in any form could aid, if not heal, people suffering from immune deficiency diseases. This conclusion is supported by the fact that hemp seed has been used to treat nutritional deficiencies brought on by tuberculosis, a severe nutrition blocking disease that causes the body to waste away. Nature’s highest botanical source of essential fatty acid, with more essential fatty acid than flax or any other nut or seed oil, it is also the richest known source of polyunsaturated essential fatty acids.

A perfect 3:1 ratio of Omega-6 Linoleic Acid and Omega-3 Linoleic Acid for cardiovascular health and general strengthening of the immune system. Scientific research has found that coconut oil appears to increase the effectiveness of the Omega-3 found in hemp seed, so taking coconut oil at the same time as hemp seed is recommended.

After water, protein makes up the highest portion of our body’s weight and it builds nearly all the aspects of the body, protein is not only good for building strength and muscle but also for many other essential functions of healthy living including, endurance, rapid healing, building strong bones, neurological health, detoxification, balanced blood sugar and brain chemistry. Hemp seed protein unlike animal protein, is a pure raw source of complete protein, as it never needs to be cooked to kill harmful bacteria all the vital components remain intact, it is also much easier on the digestive system.

The protein found in hemp seed is made up of over 65% globular edestin the highest concentration found any where in the plant kingdom, edestin is a plant globulin, globulins are simple proteins built entirely from amino acids. Nearly all enzymes, hormones, antibodies and haemoglobin molecules are all globular proteins and can be constructed from edestin. 

If your body has a low supply of globulin protein starting materiel, nutrient transport is impaired and the vital antibodies needed to prevent sickness symptoms taking hold may be to small, as hemp seed contains the planets best source of globulin building materials, eating hemp seed will ensure your body will have a deep reservoir of globulin resources necessary to support the immune system and immune response. Unlike soy which has super high amounts of phytic acid (that anti-nutrient that prevents us from absorbing minerals), hemp seed doesn’t contain phytic acid. 

At the very least, this makes hemp seed a step up from soy

Goji Berries – 500g – £25.00

Raw and unprocessed. 100% Natural, Ancient Purity Field Tested, suitable for Vegetarian and Vegan, Non GMO.

Our Goji Berries are 100% organic at source, often people have told us they dont’ really like Goji Berries, but once they’ve tried organic they discover how delicious this superfood is. Goji berries are a complete protein source and contain nineteen amino acids including all eight of the essential amino acids, they can also contain twenty or more trace minerals (copper, zinc, iron, selenium, phosphorus, germanium and calcium being the main ones) as well as vitamins B1, B2, B6 and E.The Goji Berry is the only food known to help the body naturally produce Human Growth Hormone (HGH), the levels of HGH decreasing in people have been linked to multiple symptoms of ageing so this fact alone has led many to declare Goji berries as the worlds best anti ageing nutrient rich food. They are rich in antioxidants, particularly carotenoids such as beta-carotene and zeaxanthin. One of zeaxanthin’s key roles is to protect the retina of the eye by absorbing blue light and acting as an antioxidant. In fact, increased intake of foods containing zeathanthin may decrease the risk of developing age-related vision issues.

Serving suggestion 
Mix a level tablespoon in with natural or fruit yogurt for breakfast add some banana, add some bee pollen and you’ll be off buzzing like a bee.