Hydrogen Jug




Did you know that drinking Alkaline Water is healthier than tap or bottled water? There’s no shortage of water on earth, its over 75% water. But 100% clean water is scarce and worse still, ionised alkaline water is rare.

If you find out what’s in your tap or bottled water, you’ll probably be shocked. Because of the metals, chemicals and pharmaceutical wastewater amongst other things. Water has been robbed of its health and. “regular water” as we’ve come to know it no longer promotes good health as it should.

This is because hydrogen water is charged with negative ions which are antioxidant, the hydrogen can pass into cells and re-hydrate them which in turn is higher in oxygen to invigorate body cells, helps detox your system and balance your body’s PH, and helps the immune systems, fight against free radical cells.

But there’s hope with hydrogen alkaline water and here are some of the benefits and why water is so important to us

Makes antioxidants, helps remove free radicals, bacteria and pathogens. Hydrogen alkaline water, helps increase energy levels, builds the immune system, helps slow down the ageing process and reduces oxidisation.

This is basically a measure of the molecular charge that shows the level at which a food and drink has the ability to oxidize or to reduce oxidation in your body. So in essence, it determines what’s an oxidant or an antioxidant.

Free radicals in your body are oxidants and their ability to oxidise cells is eliminated or reduced by the addition of electrons from foods or drinks with a negative ORP. Again, substances with a high negative ORP are anti-oxidants

Here are just a few of the many important roles water plays in the functions of the body

Your Brain is 85% Water. When not properly hydrated your brain starts to feel the effect, with headaches, poor concentration and reduced short term memory. This is due to the fact that dehydration causes the level of energy production in the brain to decrease. Studies have shown that a person’s ability to concentrate progressively declines when the body is subject to a water deficiency of just 1%.

Your Liver – 73% Water. Its function is to convert your body fat into energy it can use. But the liver is forced to help in the work of the kidneys due to insufficient water consumption. The body will accumulate extra fat that would have been burned if there had been adequate water intake.

Your skin – 70% Water. We lose a percentage of our body’s water everyday by evaporating through the skin. Things like climate control heating, air conditioning and even simple things like soap can damage the protective outer layer of the skin, losing its ability to hold moisture. When you aren’t drinking enough to compensate the body water loss, you may notice your skin feeling dry.