10 Surprising Ways Frankincense Tonic Water Can Help You

My passion for Frankincense Tonic Water is no secret. I’ve been working with frankincense oils and resin for five years now, and over that time I’ve become an advocate for the miracles it can work for your health and wellbeing – not to mention the beauty benefits.

Today, frankincense is a cornerstone of Hope in Health’s offering. We use it as the key ingredient in our face and body oil and skin masks, as well as in our Frankly Irresistible (that’s the name but also a pretty accurate description 😉 ) Frankincense Tonic Water.

Put it this way: those three wise men? They **totally** knew what they were doing when they brought frankincense as a gift to baby Jesus.

Check out these 10 facts explaining how frankincense can help you repair, regenerate, recuperate and re-invent your mind, body and soul.

Ready? Let’s go.

1. Frankincense Tonic Water acts as a natural antiseptic: you can use it internally or dab it on topically to burns, cuts, bruises, irritated skin and scars to speed up the healing process. It’s also gentle and effective enough to use as a skin cleanser.

2. This magical substance is also an effective anti-inflammatory. If you suffer from arthritic pain or mobility issues, drinking frankincense tonic water can help.

3. Frankincense is a powerful antibacterial agent. Ingesting it via a tonic can even help purify red and white blood cells.

4. It has anti-ageing properties. You can drink it as a tonic or apply it topically to skin. Check out our skincare products to replenish, revitalise, renew and help regenerate tired-looking skin.

5. Frankincense is an auto-stimulant. It reduces inflammation, which helps balance the immune system and keep bugs at bay.

6. Calcium deposits are pesky and painful and form in the body when the thyroid is overactive or kidney function is impaired. Drinking ingestible frankincense tonic water can help relieve pain and help break down deposits.

7. Frankincense’s anti-inflammatory properties also help fight arteriosclerosis, which leads to heart disease and coronary blockages.

8. One that lots of our clients talk about: frankincense’s astonishing ability to enhance mental faculties. Prepare for sharper focus, concentration and mental clarity.

9. Using frankincense in a massage oil, in a diffuser or drinking it as a tonic can help relieve symptoms of depression and anxiety. It can encourage deep breathing, which in turn increases the flow of oxygen to the brain and feelings of relaxation. The scent is uplifting and balancing, plus is contains neuro-active components which help balance hormones and emotions.

10. And last but not least, and one reason I keep drinking it: it turns the body’s clock back. Frankincense helps repair damaged telomeres (the caps that protect the tips of chromosomes when cells divide). When damaged through old age, illness, disease or stress, telomeres become shorter, weaker and frayed – a bit like when shoelace ends lose their plastic coating. Frankincense Tonic Water slows down the ageing process by protecting these little strands which determine our length of life.

Are you a frankincense convert yet? You can learn more about its magic here or read about the positive changes frankincense tonic water has brought to one of our clients here. And feel free to shop our oil, skincare products or tonic water in the store.